X-words Match Subjects

If x-words don’t match subjects there will be mistakes with subject-verb agreement. The x-word editing symbol for these mistakes is SX. It means you need to look for the x-word, including hidden x-words, and check the rules below.
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1 possible person or group:
Subjects: He, She, It, Everyone, No one, Someone, Anyone, Family
Now: does, has, is
Before: did, had, was
Many (more than 1)
Subjects: You, We, They, People
Now: do, have, are
Before: did, had, were

Note: We put the subject you in the plural group because it matches the same x-words as the other plural subjects. We put words like everyone in the singular group because they act like 1 unit, so they match the same x-words as the other singular subjects.