No Glove, No Love

No Glove No Love at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe June 2015

Click only the x-words that match base form verbs. Read the text below once to understand it. Then read it again and look for the x-words that match verbs in the base form. Click only those x-words. You should find a total of 14.

No glove, no love.

I don’t remember what caught my eye first. It might have been the basket of free condoms with the NYC logo, or it could have been the message: No glove, no love.

I must admit that this isn’t the type of glove I think of when it’s cold outside. Most gloves don’t come in wrappers and they should have 5 fingers, shouldn’t they? Hmm.

Maybe the term doesn’t matter. The real point is protection. People may joke about it or say they don’t like it, but if this can help prevent transmission of HIV, don’t you think it’s worth it?

The picture was taken at a bookstore in lower Manhattan. It’s called Housing Works and the people who work there are volunteers, sharing a mission: ending HIV/AIDS and homelessness. Activists and others have worked on this goal since at least 1990. A lot of progress has been made, but more can be done.

What are you doing to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and ways people can stay safe?