rainbow at the Unisphere Flushing Meadows Park 2012 or 2013

Columbus Day

In the United States, the second Monday in October is …

Camino de Cruces entre Panama y Colombia 2013

Camino de Cruces

Here’s a message that a friend sent from Panama.

I’ve been walking and walking and walking …

Old Fashioned Bicycle

An Old Fashioned Bicycle

Hmmm… have you ever ridden an old-fashioned bicycle? It looks pretty in the image that was etched in this glass window, but it doesn’t look …

Governors Island

Governors Island

Governors Island is a small island in New York Harbor, very close to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. It was inhabited by American Indians of the Lenape tribe first and later by…

Guilty of Dumping


One morning in late summer, my friend and I took a ferry from lower Manhattan to Governors Island. We walked toward Brooklyn because we didn’t want to go in the same direction…