Figure out hidden x-words

Remember: Only 3 x-words can hide: the DO family. It’s easy to see hidden DOES in the S on the end of a verb. Hidden DID can be trickier because you have to know the past forms of the irregular verbs or look for the -ed ending in regular verbs. Hidden DO looks like the base form.

orange green and yellow leaves at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge 2015

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

* Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge feels like another world.
* It serves as a safe place for wild birds and other creatures to rest, look for food and water, and even make nests.
* With salt water, tall grasses, and trees, it offers a sanctuary that humans can appreciate, too.
* A small visitor center sits at the entrance to the refuge.
* It has maps, samples of local wildlife collected by naturalists and restrooms.
* Park rangers working for the National Park Service provide information there.
* Trails offer you a chance to walk around and explore different habitats at the refuge.
* A short trail takes you to a view over Jamaica Bay, with houses and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.
* It ends at a point where SuperStorm Sandy showed the power of water, cutting off a trail that used to make a loop around the refuge.
* The longer trail goes past trees and tall grasses, around marshy areas and out into an open area.