Click the X-Words – Grade Level 8th


10 Questions About the Poop Loop

What did you eat today? Where did it …

nopal in bloom with tree trunk plus 19 June 2015

Nopal in New York

Imagine that you are living in the year 2222 …

trunk full of perennials 20 Sept 2014 on Van Dam LIC

Biodiversity Buries Carbon, Really

Thanks to a grant, Long Island City is getting greener…

Pi Day 3 point 1415 etc at Rogowski farm stand

Happy Pi Day

You don’t have to love math to appreciate Pi Day…

Rice and Beans

Rice and Beans

You can find people all around the world who enjoy eating fish and rice, or rice and beans, or all three…

Bessie with her puppies

Protective Dogs

Like some other mammals, when puppies are first born they can’t see clearly….

Tiger at Bronx Zoo 2009

Killer Cats

Tigers are often called big cats, for obvious reasons. With the shape of their bodies and the way they move…

Old Fashioned Bicycle

An Old Fashioned Bicycle

Hmmm… have you ever ridden an old-fashioned bicycle? It looks pretty in the image that was etched in this glass window, but it doesn’t look …

Camino de Cruces entre Panama y Colombia 2013

Camino de Cruces

Here’s a message that a friend sent from Panama.

I’ve been walking and walking and walking …