Anthropology and sociology

Walking on Stilts

Walking on Stilts

Have you ever stood next to someone walking on stilts? Better yet, have you ever tried to walk on stilts yourself? It might look fun, but it probably doesn’t look easy…

Rolls Royce wedding

The Getaway Car

While we were walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park on a beautiful weekend in 2012, we noticed a few couples posing for wedding photos….


Abu the Flutemaker

In November, 2012, we went to Herald Square in Manhattan to watch the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving parade…

Protest to keep fur on those who grow it


How do you feel about fur? If you have any fur-bearing pets around, how do you think they feel…

William Kamkwamba on one of his windmills

William Kamkwamba

Becoming a hero doesn’t mean only being a person who does something special in a war…