What is it?

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X-word grammar is an editing tool that can help you improve your writing and your reading, at all levels of English. It teaches you how to read carefully in a way that makes it easier to understand, even when sentences are long and complicated. It also shows you how to read your own writing to find your mistakes and fix them, according to rules that are true 100% of the time.

If you’re used to traditional English grammar, at first the terms we use in x-word grammar might confuse you. Try to accept them, no matter how strange they might sound. With an open mind, you will probably notice a lot of connections to what you already know.

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You will see how powerful the x-words are. They are in every sentence, although sometimes they’re hidden. They tell you:
– how to find the subject in a sentence
– time
– number
– negative
– extra meaning, like opinions

You will also learn 7 sentence patterns, all based on a simple structure: SVO.

SVO means Subject-Verb-Object. It’s the key to making your writing sound like English, whether your sentences are long or short. If you can find SVO, and if you can follow the x-word rules, you’ll be able to fix problems like run-ons, fragments, errors with subject-verb agreement and verb forms, and much more.

We hope that learning x-word grammar will help you read and write much more clearly, by thinking about English and analyzing sentences in a different way.